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RVK Sileo Plastic Cased Fans

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Quiet and powerful German made fans, can be run constantly without any problems. The speed can be controlled using a speed controller ( available seperately). Comes with mounting bracket.

To calculate size of fan:

Measure height, length and width (in metres) of growing environment.

Multiply H x L x W to give cubic metre volume.

Multiply this by the number of air changes you require.

This is the size fan needed for your requirements.


RVK 100 E2 - 100mm(4") - 184m3/hr
RVK 125 E2- 125mm(5") - 220m3/hr
RVK 150 E2 - 150mm(6") - 428m3/hr
RVK 150 E2-L - 150mm(6") - 720m3/hr
RVK 200 E2 - 200mm(8") - 796m3/hr
RVK 200 E2-L - 200mm(8") - 1008m3/hr
RVK 250 E2 - 250mm(10") - 860m3/hr
RVK 250 E2-L - 250mm(10") - 1080m3/hr
RVK 315 E2 - 315mm(12") - 1375m3/hr

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